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All neurosis is a substitute for legitimate suffering.– Carl Jung

I passed a bumper sticker the other day. It said “Dare to Feel.” I’ve been thinking a lot about that. A few years back I went to a massage therapist who does a massage technique called Rosen bodywork. She’d be working on me and then she’d ask, often right in the middle of the massage, “How do you feel?” At first I answered, “fine” but she would continue on asking me questions. “Do you have any pain? Any anxiety anywhere? Where is it? How does it feel?” At first I found it mildly irritating, because I go to massage to relax, not to think about how I feel, but when I finally stopped to think about how I felt, really think about it, I realized how seldom I paid attention to what is really happening inside me.

Maybe I have a little stomach ache.  I can think to myself (when I remember to anyway) Why does your stomach hurt? Maybe it’s because I dread something that’s going to happen later. If I know about it, I can make a plan on how to make it better for myself. Maybe I can cancel it. Maybe I can eat some ice cream and it might be better. The point is, when I locate my feelings and put words to them, I can actually be proactive on working through the feeling, rather than ignoring it and creating an alternate and altogether unreal existence.

It’s a lot harder, for sure. But it makes me happier in the long run. Up next, what does all this have to do with the right and left brain hemispheres? (I just now thought of the connection while I was writing this…yahoo for therablogging!)


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